Santa Fe Protective Services
P.O. Box 28275
Santa Fe, NM 87592
Fax 505.244.8788


Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. currently has the following positions available:


1.  Albuquerque Area – Accepting Applications

     Part Time Guards – Level 1 Guard Card Required


2.  Guards – Part Time & Floaters at Ft. Rucker, Alabama

     Contracted, Armed

     Employment Requirements: Running, Firearms,

     Background – No current openings


3.  Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, CO

     Accepting Applications - AFSK9S Application 


SFPS Application



To apply for a position listed above, please ‘save’ the completed application on your computer and then attach it in an email to the manager below or print the application and fax it to the number listed on the web page for the location:


Email your completed application for the Albuquerque Area positions to:

Email your completed application for the Ft. Rucker positions to:     Chief of the Guards

Email your completed application for the Colorado positions to: 

Regional Manager



Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the availablity of eHUB to our employees. eHUB is available to all direct deposit employees. Use the portal to print your check stubs, review your personal information, check TOWP balances and change W-4 withholdings.

Please click on this link to go to the portal:  eHUB Employee Portal

If this is your first sign in for the new eHUB, click on ‘first time user’.