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Facility Security

Because security programs commonly evolve in piecemeal fashion over time, your company should conduct a review of your system, preferably by an outside and unbiased agency such as Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. It is a fact that many security operations were developed in less-demanding times and are now inadequate to protect companies, agencies and institutions from external and internal intrusions. At no cost to you, Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. security experts will consult with you on key areas where we find many firms are badly served.

Protective Force

Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. offers armed and unarmed protective forces to governmental and commercial customers. Its service ranges from reception duties to paramilitary operations and include such tasks as:

  • Security and Guard Force Operations
  • Law Enforcement Operations
  • Alarm Monitoring, Dispatch and Response
  • Special Response Team Operations

Physical Security

Maintaining the security integrity of client facilities is a primary concern and capability of Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. Our expertise in this area include all areas of physical security:

  • Lock and Key Control Program
  • Security Badging System Operation
  • Facility/Property Vulnerability Analysis
  • Security Equipment Evaluation, Placement and Operation
  • Development of Integrated Physical Security System Programs
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