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In today’s politically charged environment, security of governmental data, technology and facilities are in the forefront of key issues. Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. offers comprehensive expertise in service to governmental, military and other public non-profit facilities. You may not even consider the work you oversee to represent a security risk. And in a national defense sense, perhaps it does not. However, you might be very surprised at how valuable the routine data you handle might be to various U.S. and foreign third parties.

Ask us for a vulnerability assessment. We’ll work with you and your staff to identify potentially sensitive information, to document how it is currently being handled/safeguarded and help you build a legacy system that protects the interests of your agency, its employees and clientele.

The following links provide brief overviews of our most popular security services:

Security and Personnel Security Training Programs

  • Coordination with Procurement Offices and the Development of Contract Security Specifications
  • Facility Data Approval Records Reviews