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Our comprehensive training services fall into three broad categories:

  • Security Training for the Average Employee
  • Training and Testing Programs for Your Own Security Force
  • Development of Contract Security Specifications

Special Security Training

Employee Security Training

Company security is improved when everyone knows the job to be done and the role they may be able to play. This involves more than just company secrets, data and documents. A healthy, productive workplace is one where no one fears entering a stairwell, a storage area, a parking lot or a vacant room during daytime or night time hours. And good security means everyone knows the basics of how to protect themselves, how to recognize a threat and how to quickly signal for help.

Security and Personnel Security Training

Whether you retain us to provide comprehensive on-site contract security services or to train and develop your own security staff, the proven training process and concepts will be the same. We use a multifaceted, comprehensive and continuous process.

ISD Performance Based Training

Employing the proven Instructional System Design process, we identify basic training requirements of each assignment and translate those requirements into valid and measurable training objectives. Our instructors then develop appropriate training principals, locations and materials to provide for effective delivery of training and aggressive quality control. This accountable systems approach ensures that SFPS trained personnel are always ready to perform their duties and that critical snap decisions become second nature.

Development of Contract Security


Our team of advisors can work with you to develop a comprehensive and accountable set of specifications.

Cost Avoidance

The most visible result of resource sharing is cost avoidance … what is shared does not have to be re-created. Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of the movement toward cost cutting through sharing training related information, products and resources. Ask about how we can work together to utilize resource sharing to your benefit.

Training Specialties

  • Performance Testing
  • Procedure Development
  • Government Security Operations
  • Firearms Training
  • Firearms Range Management
  • Special Response Team Training and Testing
  • Crisis Negotiations
  • Technical/Internal Security
  • Site Operations Center & CAS Training
  • Course Planning and Curriculum Development
  • Security Awareness
  • Violence in the Workplace Preclusion
  • Aberrant Behavior Observation and Training
  • Human Reliability Program Development and Training
  • Contingency Plan Development and Exercises
  • Physical Fitness Assessment & Program Development
  • Personnel Selection and Assessment Centers