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Technology Security

It takes a lot of zeroes to depict the dollars today’s companies must invest in Research and Development. And their competition is no longer just down the street, competition for information is global and it is intense. Most companies spend less than 1/2 percent of their R&D budget to assure the security of their technology and processes.

Our experience with government contractors has great relevance to your business, too. Whether you sell high-tech or low tech, the secret to your success is always a hot commodity.

Technology Security

  • Technology Security
  • Counterintelligence Programs (CI)
  • Sensitive Area Hardening
  • Meeting Room/Executive Office Sanitization
  • Outside Guest Visitor Programs
  • Foreign Visitor Programs
  • Export Control Reviews
  • COMSEC material distribution
  • COMSEC material and keying inventories
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Programs (TSCM)
  • Computer System Sanitization

Personnel Security Assurance Programs

The key element to the protection of the information and property of any company or governmental agency is the integrity of the personnel permitted access to those resources. To maximize the assumption that only trustworthy persons will be allowed access to sensitive materials or areas, Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. can design an integrated Personnel Security Assurance Program (PSAP). To ensure the protection of critical resources, the specially tailored PSAP will direct the implementation of a series of measures, which may consisting of the following:

  • Pre-Employment Background Inquires
  • Substance Abuse Testing Programs
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