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Vulnerability Assessment

One of our most popular and important services is vulnerability assessment. Sometimes we perform this service without the knowledge of your staff. Sometimes we demonstrate just how hard it really is to gain access to sensitive areas or vital data.

Our advantage? We’re not “blinded” by routines your company has been using for years. We assume nothing. And we know the tactics of security vandals who have hurt other companies like yours. Expensive? Not really. Imagine what it could cost to have a problem and not know it.

Vulnerability Assessment Equally important is an assessment of how your people might react during an emergency, an evacuation, a hostage situation.

And if your data and document management aren’t mindful of today’s Information Act and Subpoena Entitlements, then you have more critical vulnerabilities to address.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Services Include:

  • Identification of Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act information
  • Procedures on protecting sensitive information
  • Communications Security Programs (COMSEC) assessment
  • Review Information Sanitization Procedures
  • Security plan review and certification
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