Santa Fe Protective Services
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Santa Fe, NM 87592
Fax 505.244.8788

Platteville, CO

Platteville, Colorado
Employment Opportunities:

Alan Fahrenbruch

Security Coordinator

Guards – contracted, armed

No Current Openings



Fort St. Vrain

Platteville, CO 80651

Officer of the Quarter:

Although all guards working the contract at Platteville, CO have done an outstanding job this quarter, we do not have an employee that can be recognized for the nomination of Employee of the Quarter.

Every guard contributes to the success of NSA and we are sure we will have an employee eligible for the nomination next quarter.


The Town of Platteville is situated along the east bank of the South Platte River fifteen (15) miles southwest of Greeley and thirty-seven (37) miles northeast of downtown Denver.

Community Involvement:

Platteville – Small Town Atmosphere, Big Town Vision