Santa Fe Protective Services
P.O. Box 28275
Santa Fe, NM 87592
Fax 505.244.8788

Security Guard

Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive menu of protective force services, the core of our company. Our guards and security officers are professionally trained, uniformed or plain-clothed and armed or unarmed as appropriate and maintain high visibility on site. They are led, trained and supervised by a motivated and quality management force. All have undergone extensive employment screening.

Some of their typical duties include:

Security Guard and Protective Force Training

Ingress/Egress Control of personnel, vehicles and materials: conduct of directed searches; operation of screening devices and equipment; access credential verification; courteous, polite and firm.

Central Alarm Station Operations: alert monitoring of remote sensing and observation equipment; alarm assessments; Protective Force radio dispatch; situation containment; emergency notifications; incident management.

Security Escorting/Guarding: escorting authorized workers and guests to ensure that information is not compromised and that those being escorted do not enter dangerous or restricted areas; providing protection to sensitive or high value material while staged or during transport; other value added services as situationally feasible.

Reception and Visitor Control: function as the company or facility initial reception point; make telephone notifications regarding visitors; provide security monitoring and access control; where contracted, provide telephone answering services.

Security Patrolling: provide security oversight of assigned areas; observe for inappropriate, illegal, aberrant or threatening behavior; respond to incidents, accidents or calls for assistance; foot, vehicle or bicycle patrols.

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